Tennessee’s Wicked Ways Haunted House!

The Single Largest and Most Disturbing Indoor Haunted House in Memphis is back!!

Bringing “ALL NEW” over the top action and ghastly butchery that won’t be believed.  For 2017 you will experience The ALL NEW MASSIVE Underground Military Bio-hazard Research Laboratories. Go Deep Underground to these Military Research Labs as they hold some of the Worst Infectious Diseases on Earth,” Small Pox, Ebola, The Plague, Leprosy, Malaria, Influenza, Yellow Fever, Anthrax, and SARS”.  BUT Something has gone Deathly wrong within the confines of the Labs. Viruses have escaped, infecting dozens of military personnel. You will encounter some of the World’s Most Deadly Virus Victims wandering this enormous Military Research Laboratory. Can you make it through without catching some of the Most Infectious Diseases on this earth or being taken down by the infected?   Or try your hand at the Terrifying Army Zombie Containment Base where you must fight through Overgrown Man Eating Vegetation and Hoards of Zombies down every hallway of this Infested Military Containment Base. Experience firsthand the experiments going on behind closed doors that the military have banned civilians to see.

Or go through the two story Old Victorian House. This Victorian home holds many guests that have been attacked by a Giant Beast that roams the old home. As you proceed, you will pass Gashed, Cut, and Chewed on victims asking for your help, some will be hostile and others simply disturbed.  Just don’t get in their way!!  Lastly, if you can make it through the agonizing Torture Chamber, then you deserve a pat on the back.

So Come experience The Most Frightening and Disturbing Haunted House in Memphis.

Will you be able to survive the Single Largest Indoor Haunted House in Memphis?

Located by Wiseacre Brewery and Broadway Pizza within the New Arts District on Broad St.

Our address is 160 Cumberland St, Memphis, Tn.

**Note: This Event is Definitely not your typical walk thru Haunted House or Child’s Corn Maze that Memphians are use to.

**Proceeds benefiting St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.